The innovative solution to legal paperwork.

MCW Access was developed after 40 years of providing quality legal services to clients to keep up-to-date with the digital world and ensure clients continue to receive legal services at a fair price, at a fast pace, and with as little hassle as possible to them.

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Pro Bono Hours / Year
Pro Bono Hours / Year

Providing pro bono legal services is an integral part of McInnes Wilson Lawyers. With the belief that everyone has a right to justice, all levels of staff are involved in the firm’s innovative pro bono program.

Happy Clients / Year
Happy Clients / Year

McInnes Wilson Lawyers is known for their teams of client-focused lawyers who strive to protect their clients’ interests at all times. With over 150 lawyers nationwide, the firm provides exceptional outcomes and representation for 3067 clients

Areas of Law
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With 29 areas of law covered across 7 offices, McInnes Wilson Lawyers can protect your interests across a wide range of matters and situations

What is MCW Access?

MCW Access is the firm's easy, innovative solution to assist you in preparing the legal documents you need for your matter. Simply sleeve the one you need, fill it out, then submit.

As soon it's out of your hands, it goes straight into firm's, and their legal experts can get started on it right away.

Piece of cake, right? Completing a legal document doesn't need to be hard – which is why MCW Access was created.

Our Mission Statement


Striving to put innovation at the forefront of the delivery of legal services.


Valuing your interests by creating faster, cheaper and hassle-free solutions to resolve legal matters.


An uncomplicated system to help you progress in your matter with experts you can trust.